Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

If I hear one more person talk about how pretty the snow is, I will punch them in the face. Yes, snow is preferable to ice, but on top of ice, it just makes for a bigger cluster-fuck.

I'm TRYING to recall some of the snowday magic of my youth, and the best thing I can remember is that my Dad and Uncles were in charge of grocery shopping during any snow emergency. And they could be conned into anything.

My brother and I duly penned our lists for them in great detail:
  • Tiger Red Pop. 16 oz glass bottles.
  • HubbaBubba: Watermelon.
  • BubbleYum: Grape.
  • Doritos: Family size. Taco Flavor.
  • Assorted cereals: Fruit Brute. BooBerry. FrankenBerry. Count Chocula.

Today I slogged over to Disco Kroger to try to re-capture the magic. Fruity Pebbles was the best I could do.

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