Come to my Window 5.18.2010
LactAid (brandy) 3.22.2010
The Agony of Defeat (the lucky halftime ritual) 3.28.10
The Sweet (and Salty) Taste of Victory 3.26.10
Mister Perfect: Location, Location, Location  2.20.2010
I Can Get Through It   (We all grieve in our own way.) 2.9.2010
Time to Take Some Broth. Or a Donut.  2.8.09
Public Displays of Affection  Scenes from a Mexican restaurant 1.18.2010
Civilization Means Always Having to Say You're Sorry 12.13.09
The Bubble  3.20.2009
You Want Bacon? 1.04.2009
The Gauntlet 1.31.2010
THE GHOST OF 94. 2.04.10