Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today is a designated Bitter Aunt Day.

Take the Kid to the office; keep her fed; keep her entertained; Mom picks her up sometime tonight and expects to find her alive and healthy.

It's a good system.

She got a little bored at the office when her Nintendo died and she didn't have the right power cord to charge it. Then we found her a website where she could take clothes on and off a Barbie (pretty SURE it was a kids' site) and she was happy. As happy as any kid can be watching grown-ups performing "editing" and "accounting."

The plan was to pick up Josie's for lunch and dinner as a Treat -- but she actually begged to cook instead. And what she begged FOR was broccoli. Her favorite since she was about 3. Who could say No.

She's turning into a pretty good sous chef.

My childcare skills probably need a little work.

For dessert, I let her have a combo of blueberry pie, cherry pie, and chocolate ice cream. I asked her later why she asked for that since she never cares about Sweets at all. She said "because I knew you wouldn't say No." Was that a boundaries test? Did I fail it? The Kid has no food issues that I can see, and I'd like to keep it that way, so whatever she wants, of course I say Yes.

Then I got in trouble for letting her watch a Movie with too much profanity. I walked in the room just in time to hear one of the characters light another up with a series of F Words and variations. I asked "has this been going on the whole time I've been outta the room?" She said disapprovingly, "it IS kind of language-y." I told her it was only a PG. She said, "yeah maybe it was, SEVENTY years ago. The first time you saw it." Yeah. Like I pre-date the MPAA ratings board.

Now we're playing the Quiet Game.

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  1. Very Honest-y - I love this post!

    When he hears something he knows he ought not, my grandson, Cooper, says, "I can't know that, Mawmaw!" (At least HE knows his boundaries... coz I surely don't. :)