Friday, April 16, 2010

Lilacs from Dad

These are the lilacs from the family farm Dad brought for me this visit. Better than this, he dug some up, and brought the plants along, so I can theoretically grow my own.

This is my first Pic with the New Camera -- which I am very excited about -- though I've always fairly disclosed that it has been User Error, not the camera, that causes my horrible photos.

This particular model promises to be idiot-proof. We'll see. It took me ten minutes to switch the lilacs from upside down to right side up. I notice it has "image stabilizer" stamped prominently right on it, which might correct for some of my evident episodic palsy that occurs every time I take a picture. What irritates me about it so far is that it's not wi-fi enabled so I can just transmit the damn things -- you actually have to plug a cord into it that goes to the computer -- like an animal.

My lack of gratitude for what is really a very cool new toy prompted a "GEEEEEEZ, you know I can READ" text today, followed by, "if you weren't so fucking picky about PANK, I would have brought it over and put it in your hands," followed by, "I went to FOUR stores."

That's fair, and has prompted me to reverse my initial position on the Lucky Gratitude Ritual. Sometimes it IS the thought that counts. Or at least Degree of Difficulty.

1 comment:

  1. Nope. Not idiot proof.

    Just teasing. Nice Picture! Congratulations on the new machina fotografica!