Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New Year's Day Miracle

Here is the FRESH parsley Chef Tom found growing out back on New Year's Day. It's a New Year's Miracle.

I thought parsley was supposed to be Lucky, and then I looked up The History of Parsley and now I'm not so sure. It seems to mean Death and Punishment, depending on the Variety. I liked this part: "Greek gardens often had borders of parsley and rue which led to the saying 'Oh! we are only at the Parsley and Rue' to signify when an undertaking was in contemplation and not fully acted upon." Hmmm. I don't really think that's a saying.

The article also says the person cutting parsley will be "crossed" in love. Oh well. I cut three batches of it for guests to take home, so I guess this won't be the year for Romance after all. (Damn, that was going to be my word too.) It does say, "only if the woman was master of the household would parsley start to grow." Now that is a saying.

This parsley is closely guarded by The Bitch Faerie, purchased back in funnelcake days by the FoodGays for my birthday, not knowing (at the time they bought it) how horribly rude the faerie-purveyor had been to me. She especially hated pictures, so, obviously, this photo is the first in the Series.

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