Saturday, December 31, 2011

Reality Truck Column and Blog: The Year In Review, 2011

Since Facebook algorithms changed this year, easy access to links to the posts here (particularly via iPhone, iPad, smart phones, mobile access) seems to have fallen off.

So here are the links to Reality Truck, the column and blog, for 2011, in one handy location.


Post-Holiday Shopping with Mom...for Baby Grease... 12.28.2011

Car Talk 2011  BFF's car breaks down and we track down a craigslist replacement. No Camaro. 11.13.2011

Little Cuba, or: a Trip to the Suburbs involving a deaf mute, albuterol, INS, EMTs, asthma, and coconut ice cream. 9.29.2011

Rest in Peace, Vlad.  College Classmate/decorated war vet, dies of Cancer. 09.26.2011

Housesitting: Sometimes, Joel, you just gotta say....09.13.2011

The Office Move 9.11.2011

Check Engine Light.  9.06.2011  (Joe's car.)

Niece's Sweet 13  Rude babies nearly wreck surprise party. 07.24.2011

Active Ingredients, or, Summer Cold 2011. 07.17.2011

Bye Bye Birdie It's nearly curtains for cousin's parakeet, Baby. 06.12.11

Mom Talk Pretty One Day Mom attempts facebook and email. 06.03.2011

Hold the Mayo also known as: The One Thing I Will Not Eat. 05.30.2011

On the Half Shell  Reconnecting to oysters. 04.10.2011

The Chicken or the Egg: Which to Kill First  Or, things might not go so well at the niece's Montessori. 03.15.2011

Bitten or, my permanent memory of Jack, in the form of a jagged scar. 03.14.2011

Pink Socks and Candy, the BFF takes a trip to Africa. 03.05.2011

The Pink Tibetan Goat Hair Beanbag  otherwise known as the Design Fantasy that gets me out of bed every morning. 01.03.2011

The New Year's Day Parsley Miracle  01.01.2011

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