Thursday, September 24, 2009

And the jawbone goes up....

This is my first post on a new laptop.

When I moved from my last house, I refused to let a computer move with me. The old one was handed off to my dad (who promptly converted it to a coaster).

The deal I made with myself was that I was working 24/7 and I needed a little balance. Having a computer in the house (in the bedroom no less) wasn't very conducive to that.

And to jerry-rig my way around both the spirit and the letter of the law, I promptly got a blackberry, and just did all the work I'd typically do on a computer... on a reallllly realllly tiny keyboard. Or, I'd drive to the office at 4 in the morning when something was just too big for the BlackBerry to handle.

And I was forgetting about doing things like writing for fun. For example, I didn't even know this blog had seven pending comments on it from someone named "Digger," who wanted me to visit his site and enlarge my penis.

So the whole computer-free house wasn't a good system. And I really wasn't fooling anybody. So we'll try this. (I think I'm pirating the wi-fi signal from the hot sorority visigoths next door, but I learned how to make it run off the BlackBerry.)

Although I will do real work on it the rest of the evening, I tried to make up for that by first watching a baby dancing to "All the Single Ladies" on Facebook.

Heh. That was pretty funny.

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