Monday, May 17, 2010

Bon Voy-Ageeeeee

I had a great time at the Snooty Falooty store this afternoon picking up a road-trip snack menu for the Food Gays for their upcoming vacation. (I'm sure they have food on the boat, but they have to get to the boat first for God's sake. I can't have them wandering the Blue Ridge Mountains foraging for wild berries. Like an Animal.)

When I say "afternoon," I mean that literally. Because I was determined to get ChefTom a bag full of the pineapple gummy bears he loves (the clear ones), but the Snooty Falooty store doesn't sell them that way. So I stood there at the bin and hand-picked out every clear bear I could find. Then I moved to the left and picked out all the clear gummy alphabet-letters (I wanted to spell out Bon Voy-ageeeee, but as it turns out, they mostly had vowels in pineapple.)

This is the candy aisle I always visit before date night at the Movies (the fake-bottom popcorn box is only one of the reasons I am the Best Movie Girlfriend ever), so I know my way around the good stuff -- the dark-chocolate espresso beans, the wasabi cashews, the watermelon sour patch kids, the peanut butter malted milk balls, and so on, and so on....

I just hope I got enough, because, um.....I'm not sure I'm going to be ...allowed back into that store for awhile. After about 15 minutes of sifting through the gummy bears, the dirty looks escalated. Screw it, I say let 'em get a bouncer. 

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  1. Have never seen so many clear pineapple flavored gummies gathered in one collection. Giddy, and trust me, I know the trouble that took. Perfect combo of sweet, savory,spicy, and pank.