Sunday, May 9, 2010

Too Dark for Georgia

I constantly give my parents grief about the drug-dealer tints on their car windows. They're impossible to see out of at night, and passers-by would have to assume Jay-Z, at a minimum, was on the other side of their highly impenetrable windows.

housewarming trinkets from my Mom'sGays on Mother's Day

She was explaining the ensuing episodes to the Food Gays tonight (they joined us for Mothers Day dinner) -- like the time they were driving to Florida and a state trooper caught up with them at a rest stop after my stepdad had blown past him at 90 plus mph. My stepdad was helping himself to sandwiches from the rear hatch, while Mom was greeted at her window with a very large belt buckle... belonging to a very, very large state trooper. "Can I help you?" she asked. "Your windows are too dark," he explained. She told him No, they were within the letter of the law -- and they were -- in her home state. His response was "well they're too dark for Georgia, ma'am." We've all seen Return to Macon County Line, so this could've gone badly. It could've gone much, much worse if the officer had searched the car... where he would've found dozens of syringes, painkillers, bags of pharmaceuticals, and at least one gun.

The dinner conversation from there veered to Friday night's drag show -- which we all wished we'd taken her to -- and from there, her comment, "Well you know your Uncle Alec always wore dresses?"

Ummmm, No. I sure did not. Cause I'd remember that. It turns out, he died before I was born, but before he died, Yes, he wore dresses, kept a lovely house, and made exquisite quilts apparently.  In the 50s. In the most southern, rural community you could imagine. Huh. I am just now finding this out?

After dinner, TrapperJohn dropped by to check on the critter-trap -- no luck -- and, of course, to wish my Mom a happy mothers day.

It's a nice holiday in this family. 

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