Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Few Words About Tomatoes

Fried green tomatoes are best with the slightest blush.Varmint!
After about an hour spent picking tomatoes this evening, I realize that I have transcended mere gardener status and promoted myself to farmer.

I have so many that I could probably afford to spare this one for the birds, but the sight of it makes me want to sit out back with a shotgun. (You can take the girl off the farm, but....)

My friend Walter recommended netting, but then my friend Harriette reminded me that the snakes get stuck in the netting. I don't know.... if the snakes eat the damn birds, I'm tempted to let them stay, but after one slithered over my foot last weekend, I'm not so sure.) I also found the voles' hole, but have not yet discovered any means of humanely dispatching them. Wiki insists that the "woodland vole" -- which I can only assume is the variety found here --  is also "usually monogamous," but there is such a tremendous crop of them this year, I doubt it. All I know is that they, along with the birds, take ONE bite out of everything and then move on. Bastards.

The tomatoes seem plentiful now, but I am determined not to take them for granted. I remember how many times over the long cold winter that I looked back  at my Last Harvest pictures, and how they sustained me through a long bitter winter. (Some of this stuff I write mostly for me. Obviously.)

But I would like to share three of my favorite tomato blogs from this Summer.

Here is my friend (the aforementioned) Walter (a Professional Writer...a Michener Fellow no less) on A Glory of Tomatoes.  

I am going to sneak in two from Chef Tom. Here is how he makes panzanella salad. And here's something he did with roasted tomatoes. Many of my plants this year came from him and Michael, and all of my basil last year came from them after mine was destroyed by a careless yardman. I always get a very Alexander-Godunov-in-Witness-Amish-barnraising feeling of infinite goodwill whenever I think of those plants turning up on my front porch. Were it not for the Food Gays, there would have been no pesto... no caprese. Remember when they rang that bell in the movie, and everybody came, but the first thing you see is just the top of Alexander Godunov's hat cresting the hill? It was just. Like. That. 

And my third recommendation is  Elizabeth Bard's recent post, Tomatoland. She writes one of the first blogs I ever followed -- even before her book came out. It's never too late for a beach-read, but just get a gander at her tomatoes. She's planning a Tomato Tatin, so stay tuned for more food porn.

Walt's right. It's a glory.

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  1. glad you enjoyed tomatoland. Very envious of your purple basil...must find some seeds to plant next year...

    Loved Chef Tom's roasted tomatos. One of the temptations of a new house is to fill it with very specific (and rather clunky) kitchen appliances. I may yet be inspired to buy a pasta maker.