Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last Harvest of the Season

Tonight is a hard-frost forecast so I spent today harvesting the last of the tomatoes (green, pink, red, and everything in between), along with the basil -- some went in baggies; there are some sprigs in a glass; and the rest will go into pesto.

Sigh. I also made the first chili of the season, which is another sign of reluctant recognition that Fall is here.

Culinarily, there's almost nothing I hate worse than losing access to the microscopic kitchen garden/salsa garden that grows inside a three feet square, up and down the deck stairs. (The potted plants on the deck gave up weeks ago.)

I'm hoping when I look at these pictures on a cold winter day that spring planting and the summer kitchen won't seem so far away.

That tiny little green baby heirloom almost makes me cry.

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