Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Let's Take the Long Way Home

I started this new book today -- the first physical book I've opened since the Kindle came to live here on Saturday. I read the NYT Review and excerpt on Sunday. In it, writer Gail Caldwell writes about her BFF, writer Caroline Knapp (who wrote Drinking: A Love Story), who died of lung cancer.

I didn't know it was an Oprah-approved title until I got it (or I might have harshly pre-judged it), but I'm still looking forward to a book about two writer BFFs and their dogs.

I'm only one chapter in, but I have to admit I was irritated -- irritated! -- when I had to get up and walk into another room to find my highlighter (I thought I had really arrived in this century when they started pre-loading the barrels of highlighters with post-it flags), like an Animal.

After one weekend, I've already gotten used to the Kindle's highlighting and tagging feature (though I should also disclose, I haven't gone back to look up any of those marked passages yet).

For both Kindle and a book, I still have to turn on a lamp, which supposedly reduces iStrain, but I'm beginning to think that's why God made iPads. 

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  1. Somebody stole my post-it dispensing highlighter. I miss it as one can only miss the stolen little pleasures of life.