Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things I Ate On Deadline

"By the way, your food obsession is not as endearing as you think it is."
--30 Rock 

When the BFF stopped by earlier this week, she mentioned something about rich-girl-fridge as she fetched a Diet Coke from the top shelf. I had to examine it more closely to see what she meant, and finally narrowed it down to these little blinis I found at the snooty-falooty store last weekend. I haven't eaten one yet, but will report back when I do. The rest of the contents were a bit of an admitted contrast -- like some very fauncy cheese a local chef had sent home with me from a wine tasting, right next to two jumbo bags of peanut M and Ms. There was a bag of "baby" (i.e., sawmilled/planed carrots) with a container of hummus; some boiled eggs (which were somehow going to pair with the blinis); and several containers of gorgonzola crumbles (because I'm apparently afraid of running out and just keep buying more; I'm not sure if I know when gorgonzola is spoiled?)

I was attempting to gear up for a long deadline week, more or less unsuccessfully. This was also a week with the parents in town, and I had warned them ahead of time there would be no cooking -- which meant I ended up eating a lot of whatever they left in the fridge.

With a few exceptions (fried green tomato sandwich with goat cheese from ChefTom), this week will not mark a culinary highpoint for me, and I feel the need to confess, because I certainly show no reticence when we're snobbing it up.

So, things I ate on deadline include, but are not limited to:
Sbarro's pizza (beloved by straight men everywhere -- it always reminds me of Kathy Griffin's ex-husband);
carry-out California Roll;
Tumbleweed Tacos from "Taco Tuesdays";
one bag of peanut M&Ms (one's left, but not for long) -- I rationalize that the peanuts are "protein," not "candy";
one "condiment cup" of Tumbleweed guacamole (they don't have "side orders" of guacamole, and you can't get them, at any price) with Xo-Chitl tortilla chips (THE best);
one container of Oatmeal Express, but not the Quaker brand (Mom was experimenting);
sour patch kids and beef jerky;
and a pint or so of tomatoes (as the season winds down) -- possibly the only non-processed thing I ate all week; and
peanut brittle (which I don't even like, but again, it's not like it's candy). 

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  1. I'm a little concerned by the amount of mall food in this post. Are your affairs in order?

  2. it's just what happens when the parents visit -- it IS concerning tho!