Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Day's Wear

Because I didn't get to go to the Hermes sample sale this past weekend, I spent (instead) some quality alone time with their site --- trying to discern the difference between "charitable" scarves and "glam" scarves.  I had just found one with a deck of cards on it and was looking for the 'Ace' when I was interrupted by a text from Linda... who wanted to know what I was doing... and then didn't understand the answer. Her philosophy of fashion, decor, and design, is, and always has been "you know me: it's just another day's wear." (She frequently laments the fact that there's no such thing as Garanimals for Grownups.)

So her text, on the way to pick me up, said "I'd like to run in and look at wall colors in your old place as a reference at my new house." (She currently has quite the manse in the campus-ghetto, but is returning to her suburban roots.) It is entirely possible she was looking for a reference of what not to do.

I helpfully responded, "if you'll tell me what your color goals are, I can probably help. Ridgeway will probably need a different palette than traditional downtown."

I could hear her laughing, even though it was just a text. Her answer was, "Color goals?!! Paint. On. Walls. = Another. Day's. Wear."

How anyone can paint without color goals is beyond me.  Should the room soothe? Relax? Energize? Is the space romantic or is it cozy? Is it for entertaining or.... "enterTAINing?" Expansive, or intimate?

By the time she showed up, I had assembled several sample boards in varying finishes, the entire Ralph Lauren palette (from "modern light" to "urban loft."), swatches, and paint chips -- along with the stern admonition that we only use Porter Paint, never any other. Ralph Lauren and Martha Stewart are our color whores, but we buy Porter paint.

I made her evaluate the subtle sophisication of Lichen Boulder over the earthen hues of frosted hawthorn. She loves the "mercer," "urban living," and "howard" rooms I'm using from the urban loft palette.... but I explained to her she has to walk before she can run. She can have a little jute...a dash of chi.... and a little willow to start. But that's it.

We'll just have to see how she handles that.

Then I told her not to come back till she had established some goals.

And a mission statement.


  1. Wow. I wonder what y'all would think about our new Starburst living room.

  2. Have been awaiting pics every day on facebook and finally saw them! That is HIGH design. Very impressed.