Friday, March 19, 2010

What's in a Name?

When I started writing this column circa 1990, I definitely wasn't thinking about google searchability, and I certainly didn't have any idea how many truck enthusiasts there are out there. David Sedaris has said his editors have accused his book titles of being "willfully obtuse" (but they always make perfect sense once you read them).The title (of this column and the first book) was never about trucks at all; it was a reference to a song Lawrence Tarpey wrote, with a line about crossing the highway of life and getting run over by the "Truck of Reality." I couldn't hum it for you; it's not that kind of song.

Twenty years later, I'm getting comment posts like this one, "One of the largest supplier of OEM and aftermarket wheels and rims in the US offers its inventory of remanufactured OE wheels, rims, hubcaps and wheel covers at 50% off dealer price. Thanks." I am pretty sure they don't know what I write about (sex and donuts), and if they did, they'd be disappointed in my demographic. Meanwhile, over on Facebook, I'm getting fans who represent "thriving transportation companies" i.e., Truckers. Though it is possible, of course, that there are Truckers who are there for the Sex and Donuts, my guess is that they were misled by the title.

Consequently, I have no idea what to call the Sequel... Volume 2?

Now as for "Hannah's" recent comment, I guess the theory is that all Insomniacs are also addicted to painkillers, or would like to be, which would account for her willingness to share this helpful advice, "I never go to my doctor anymore asking for pain killers prescription and then be turned down at the end, all I do is order online hassle free and low cost, they have three pain killers listed on their website which are ultram tramadol celebrex that you buy, and the best part is no prescription required!" (Not sure where to put the "sic" in that sentence.)  Really? Do I seem like someone who couldn't get a prescription? And you should see the thriving entrepreneurial spirit at the bus stop just outside my office. Besides, anyone who's read my ordeals in dentistry knows I hate painkillers -- they just make me thirsty and itchy. My solution is to go out of my way to avoid anything that would hurt.

I'm not sure what "Bob C." means when he writes on a recent 30 Rock post "I want a YouFace skin for Facebook." That's probably someone I went to college with.

Now as for our friend "Soju" who posts here so often I get kind of worried if I don't hear from her for a few days, sometimes I still feel like she doesn't know me at all. She wrote earlier today, "I highly entrust the use of Ambien, which you can buy even without prescription." Really? Really Soju. It's almost like she hasn't even read the column.

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  1. I think "Hannah" and Sarah Palin went to school together.