Friday, December 11, 2009

30 Rock: the YouFace Glossary

 the Secret Santa episode (better known as the YouFace episode)

"Those sites are for horny, married chicks with kids who want to exchange pervy emails with all their high school boyfriends."
--Liz Lemon

YouFace: "The Company has acquired an up-and-coming social networking site called YouFace." [Jack]

FoLo: "This Picture will be my FoLo" ["not a word"] which is a contraction for Photo and Hello."

FingerTagged: "means I have been contacted by someone else on YouFace."

"Post you Public or BM you?" "Check her FaceWall to see her previous Bang-Bangs."

Working-on-it: Marital status ("six months ago her status said she was married, but 14 days ago, she changed it to 'working on it.'"

Weirdsies: Marital Status ("she just changed her status from 'working on it' to 'weirdsies.' "OMFG."

Ending a date: "I'll hit you on YouFace, but you gotta promise to fingertag me back." [Julianne Moore]


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