Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Broke the Dog

Man, Louis has only been here a couple days and it's gonna be pretty bad to have to hand him back and admit I might have broken him.

First, we apparently walked him thru some glass or something, because he got a little limp in his front right paw (plus there was all the blood).

Fixed that up, and now he's limping on his left back leg.

And it looks a lot like hip dysplasia.

Hoping it's just the 24-hour kind. Had Rob check to see if it was ok to give him aspirin, glucosamine, and steroids. (You can't just DRUG someone else's dog. Or someone else's kid for that matter. Found THAT out the hard way but they DO call it BABY Benadryl. Though they SHOULD call it Baby Ambien. And somebody SHOULD totally make Baby Ambien.)

Then I watched Rob try to pill the dog -- which was a lot like watching Tina Fey unsuccessfully pill Amy Poehler with pre-natal vitamins in Baby Mama.

Another good reason for not drugging other people's dogs is that it's a good way to get bit.

Luckily Louis is a good sport. Still have all my appendages.

Just another shout-out for the concept of rescuing dogs from somewhere other than the Kennedy compound.


  1. Baby benadryl never worked on my boys. It ended up being more like baby speed. I tried that once and never again. Gave it to them at 7:30 after a horrible day hoping they'd crash - and we were up until 4am. And I had school the next morning at 8...

    Hope the dog is okay!

  2. Benadryl has same effect on me -- a lot of those over the counter sleep drugs have diphenhydramine in em. Shudder. Stickin with Ambien.