Monday, April 20, 2009

I blogged a dog, and I liked it!

Meet Louis.

He's "guarding" our office this week.

He's Rob's nephew -- a Dane/Lab mix -- and I kinda had to beg to get him here. (First, we were supposed to dog-sit, but then his brother's travel plans changed or something.)

So now we're not really dog-sitting, so much as Louis is just "visiting" us. (I wanted to give some more blog-time to another successful RESCUE -- he doesn't have a Kennedy pedigree but he does happily live with kids. Take that stoooopid Sherri Shepherd.)

Normally, Rob wouldn't listen to me if he knew he was goin' deaf tomorrow, but he does agree with me on this: a doggie office is a happy office.

Now I'm gonna go roll on the floor for awhile in between deadlines.

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