Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Katie would be proud...

Four colonoscopies in four weeks in my family.

Mine: two polyps removed.

Mom's today: clean as a whistle.

Great Aunt Hazel (my grandmother's last living sibling - the baby, at 80 something) -- diagnosis, Cancer. Successfully recovering now from surgery last week.

My first cousin David, 55, finally nagged by his wife into having the test last week -- diagnosis cancer. Cancer so invasive and aggressive that they couldn't even complete the test.Surgery was yesterday and they're optimistic for a full recovery.

So as many jokes as I've made in recent weeks -- I really just wanted to take a second and tell anybody who thinks they CAN't go thru this test that they really, really can.

NO one is a bigger baby than I am -- trust me on this; I'll provide references -- and I can HONESTLY tell you it was fine.

If you need the name of a great doctor, I know three.

Maybe I'll even make up little certificates like Dave Barry did for his readers.

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  1. Glad to hear re: June and the elders. IS there ever a time when there are no Reeves or their kinfolk in the hospital or a clinic somewhere?