Sunday, April 19, 2009

My "drinking" problem

I was crushed a few weeks ago when it looked like Voss Water had switched to plastic bottles.

I'm a creature of habit; I don't like changes; AND I'm picky, so it takes me awhile to form attachments and find favorites. I used to buy Voss Water at Good Foods til they stopped carrying it. I grieved. THEN Fresh Market opened, and they carried it, and I started to take it for granted again.

Until a few weeks ago when they inexplicably switched to Voss in plastic bottles (it has a red label, and between me and you, tastes vaguely like condoms).

I asked around. Friends in other cities said they'd been stuck with the plastic red label version for awhile.

Slowly, I resigned myself to finding something new to drink.

Today I woke up to a happy day of rain and the prospect of non-stop movies, all day -- with one tiny glitch: I'd forgotten to lay in provisions. No food in the house. And my elaborate movie plans didn't include cooking.

I threw on a hoodie over my PJs and trekked into Mouse Trap with a loooong shopping list (Greek Salad, Waldorf Salad,dill dip, and a variety of seafood -- shrimp, salmon, etc -- they skewer a lotta stuff there and I just love fish on a stick).

But when I got there, their compressor had gone out and the cold cases were empty.

Dejected and drenched, I trudged down to fresh market to drown my sorrows in some almond pillow cookies. Which I found. But were stale.The day was goin' South by the minute.

Then, on my way to the emergency backup stash of watermelon Sour Patch kids, I found the Voss. In GLASS bottles. And piled enough of it into my cart that I think the cashier took me for some crazy survivalist.

And now I'm curled up with 42 inches of HD goodness, hydrating, and gazing at Helen Hunt's irresponsible expanse of forehead, possessed by a profound incredulity that she coulda ever had the chutzpah to cast herself as a 39-year-old. (She's also cast herself as Jewish.)

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