Sunday, April 19, 2009

Derby/Mothers Day Grits

[This image is from the South Carolina Grits festival, from the popular "Rolling in the Grits" competition. The recipe below could theoretically be adapted? Let me know.]

Several of you asked for the Grits recipe I make every year for Easter -- the same grits I usually make for Derby and/or Mother's Day.

Adjust the quantities to suit your crowd.

-Roast a whole head of garlic until the cloves slide out like butter.
-Whip up a few egg whites.
-Grate whatever hard cheeses you have on hand (for Easter, it was Manchego).

Prep the grits according to the package instructions.

Squeeze the garlic cloves into the grits.
Stir in real butter, real sour cream, whatever cheese you grated.

Kosher Salt and pepper to taste (grits REALLY eat salt; you may need more than you think. Depending on the cheese.)

Then lightly fold in the egg whites.

Fold into a souffle dish.

Shave a little cheese on top.

Bake at 350 till it puffs.

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