Friday, October 16, 2009

The Box is Back

I saw a link this morning that our beloved box wine from Front Porch Friday has been selected Wine of the WEEK by "Wine Experience." I was heretofore unfamiliar with their work, but now I might bookmark it.

Again, the link probably won't work, so here's what it says:

"Not only is this a tasty and drinkable Pinot Grigio but it’s made to go anywhere."

Tasty AND drinkable?

Say No Mo!

I also learned from them that it is not really a "box of wine," so much as it is "a Tetra Pak," which sounds more rugged and outdoorsy and less alcoholic-y.

But what I love more than anything is their disclaimers -- the likes of which would've never occurred to me as a critic/editor.

For example:

"When you read our thoughts, please remember that you may think differently."

I am not even sure about the "may" in that context. Does it mean "you may" as in "you are allowed" or does it mean "you may" as in "it could happen" that you would think differently than we do?

Wine consumption can have positive physical benefits or cause possible physical harm.

See, I thought all that was obvious, and am clearly in no way prepared for blogging in a post-McDonald's "this coffee is HOT" disclaimer era.

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