Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Atypical Ocular Migraine

I don't really think I have an "atypical ocular migraine," that's just what the eye doc called it yesterday when I went in cause on Sunday, my vision went out in my left eye. [that's my eyeball, not my boob, in the pic]

I've only had two migraines in my life and they weren't typical, but they started out with losing speech, not vision. (Did I need a television, or a telephone? What's the name of that race they run first Saturday in May?) After that, both episodes got very average -- I couldn't stand light; I needed to lie down; that kinda thing.

This was nothing like that. I was on the phone and my left eye just blurred over. After I cleaned my glasses at least three times, I realized the blur stayed even with the glasses off. My gay husband (who's a doctor in his spare time), came right over to double-check and make sure I wasn't having a stroke, and gave me some aspirin (just in case I had amaurosis fugax) -- and then I could see again. It was a miracle.

The eye doc said I wasn't a good candidate for amaurosis fugax because it's more the kinda thing he's seen in overweight, hypertensive, diabetic smokers. He said atypical migraine ("atypical" just means "no headache," -- it's nothing exotic or dramatic) was more likely in "women your age," which he stressed, is "very young. Very, very young."

I was very glad to not be having a stroke, but it was extremely creepy to be that scared to death by something so innocuous.

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