Monday, January 18, 2010

A Single Man: it's like MadMen for Gays

A Single Man is very unfortunately titled in that it's much too close to the Coens' A Serious Man, and people can only keep so many indie-titles in their head simultaneously. (It was ridiculous that Resevation Road came out within a year of  Revolutionary Road -- and consequently, my mother won't watch either when they come on HBO, because she thinks she has seen them both, when in fact, she has seen neither.)

While the movie is very TomFord and I am not a TomFord fan, it is still a heartbreaker -- like MadMen, for Gays (give Sal a whole movie). 

It's the kind of film that everyone ought to see on MLK day. I try to never take any freedoms for granted, but I am occasionally guilty. I don't want to get married, for example, and never have, but as a token straight, I know I could (presuming a prospective spouse could be secured, and held down long enough to get the Preacher). My Food Gays have been together TWENTY SIX YEARS, on the other hand, and while we all think of them as married, legally, they are not. My Junior Gays are just kids really, and they haven't been together very long, but if they want to grow up and get married, by God, I want to throw their Wedding. And why can't my Gay Husband marry my Gay Husband-in-Law so that I can be their Best Bitch, or Bitch of Honor? Anyone looking for a stimulus package? Meet the GayZillas.

That should not be up for a vote. As my friend Ian points out, if we put interracial marriage on a ballot today, it would not pass in this state. I suspect suffrage wouldn't get very far either.

I never blog politically here, but what the hell kinda Faerie Princess and Designated Straight Wife would I be if I didn't bring this up and make people as uncomfortable as I possibly can, as often as I possibly can?

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