Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Plus One

I just RSVP'd for three fundraisers as "Banjo, Plus One." (I'm hoping it'll catch on as a nickname. No luck so far. Will keep experimenting.)

The thing is, I had to cross through the space after my name (which usually arrives pre-printed or filled in), because they've now added a line where they want to know who I'm bringing. Why? Do they think I'll bring livestock?

"None of your business, that's who" or, how about "you'll know when I know."

I can see why they'd expect me to have made up my mind about, maybe, tomorrow, but a lot of invites I'm getting now are for Derby for Chrissake. If I was married, I still doubt I'd be able to commit to who I'll even know in May.

Thank GOD my pal Brooke just posted that she's going to the big Valentine fundraiser I'm always expected to attend. That's ONE person who'll still be speaking to me by then. Probably.

I have always acknowledged that "Banjo" really does need to go with two more names (in the Texas tradition of Ray Wiley Hubbard and Willis Alan Ramsey), to which, Aunt Ronni responded,
"Romantic that she is, Banjo went all the way in her first two marriages and took her respective husbands' last names. But after Ray ran off with a lap-dancer/roadie and then Willis opted to search alone for God in west-Texas rest stops, she said, 'The hell with marrying musicians! Just put me on the permanent guest list.' And once again she was known far and wide as Banjo Plus One."


  1. "Banjo + One K-Cuz."

    ...maybe only for events where you don't WANT to be invited back.

  2. you were the best date ever for Spirit of Giving tasting -- you can drink all my bourbon!