Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Michael Stipe's Birthday

Michael Stipe apparently turned 50 yesterday (though I thought he was 60 if he was a day).

In honor of his birthday, I tweeted the only Michael Stipe quote I know, "every generation thinks they invented oral sex."

I put that on a LOT of 80s party flyers, which I couldn't find (but I will keep looking), but I did find this party pic from around the same era. That's my "Lick Bush in 88" t-shirt.

My BFF asked this morning "what kind of Ambien were you hopped up on?" I hadn't noticed, but apparently I had a theme going yesterday.

I started with Michael Stipe.
Then I ran across an old tweet from our Mascot Thom, which said, "Watching Scent of a Woman. Might be so over baseball already."
Then I re-tweeted Kevin Depew who said, "See! A new Brit study says the G-Spot only exists in your mind, like those hotel receipts and the weird woman who keeps calling here."
Then I asked if anybody else needed some quality alone time after reading Chef Tom's blog , which is just some seriously fantastic food porn.

No WONDER the BFF was wondering about me -- but really, I posted Michael Stipe's quote at 5 o'clock -- loooooong, loooong before the Ambien hour. But I was using the BlackBerry, where I really don't notice themes developing.

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  1. As to the myth of Michael Stipe, I can take him or leave him. As to the G-spot myth, I put my trust in Violet Blue. Her aim is true - and her information is spot-on. http://www.tinynibbles.com/blogarchives/2010/01/dude-wheres-my-g-spot.html