Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pie Stories: World Pie Day

“Pie represents comfort, purity and simplicity...It’s the perfect antidote to today's high-tech, stressed-out world. My mission is to heal the world, one pie at a time."
---Beth Howard, "TheWorldNeedsMorePie"

I agree strongly with the statement The World Needs More Pie and so it was serendipitous that I ran into my friend Denise (who I barely know, but instinctively like) on Upper Street while I was getting a haircut and she was walking dowtown from class. From this blog I learned, January 23 is National Pie Day (and that there is such a thing as the National Pie Council, which determines such things.) On National Pie Day, lots of bakers hand out a free slice of pie, but I have not yet heard of any local efforts on this front.

Denise had met the author of this "Pie Blog," Beth,  a year or so again and expected a book/maybe/movie deal was on the way. The first time Denise handed me Beth's card, I put it into the BlackBerry, which promptly crashed. We had a fabulous chat about architecture and she waltzed me right into an old cigar warehouse that's under a Dwell Magazine style renovation to take a look around. She knew the crew and they just let us wander around. I was glad to run into her at A Single Man where I could ask again for the pie blog.

Denise is one of those few people I know in real life, and only in real life. I think I first met her back in the 90s, possibly in Investment Club -- or maybe just hanging around with the girls I knew from Investment Club. Though I'm terrible with names and faces, I always remember her, because she's practically a foot taller than I am, AND she's from near my homewtown, with a similar rural/farm background. I never see her on Facebook, or Twitter, but I do run into her once in a while (her house is near my office, and we share a lot of friends-in-law). When I asked her at the movies how she actually kept up with communication without all the "traditional" means (facebook, twitter, etc) she gestured between us and looked me in the eye and said "like this.... see....? in person!"

I hardly knew what to make of it. And then I tucked a small carrier pigeon into her purse when she wasn't looking, with my phone number rolled discreetly around his little claw.

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