Friday, November 20, 2009

BlackBerry Margarita

I hate to see the death of a neighborhood/bar restaurant. And I hate it more when it's my neighborhood.

I'm pretty sure we had graveside seats tonight.

Since it changed hands a month or two ago, we've seen it head downhill. Brunch a few weeks ago took 40 minutes to arrive --- and the portions were so skimpy, even I was still hungry and gnawing on garnish at the end of the meal. I'm not a volume eater, and there's no reason for a two-egg omelet to take an hour, even if they were waiting out back for the hens to lay them.

Tonight, the waiter kicked off service by spilling a margarita on my phone. Which, in and of itself, would be ok -- in that accidents happen, of course. But he did not apologize. What he said was, "man, my phone's been through way worse than that and it's fine." Really. I'm sure whatever he bought at the Cricket store for $12.99 . probably could be easily replaced. But mine can't be. And water damage is the one thing they will NOT warranty out. (Although, as one fellow patron observed: "it's not water damage; it's margarita damage.")

I found out later that they had also given away the table our hostess had requested in the bar and stuck us in the more family-friendly dining room which was filled with kids and old people. 

The waiter was rude, clumsy, and incompetent the rest of the evening. He was chewing what might've been a burger when he brought Jason his drink --- and whatever my minimum standards of service might be, if I were working for tips, I would make a point not to arrive at the table with a half-masticated cow in my mouth.

I realize morale is down at this place, but the theoretical pending indictment of their new boss should really not be the problem of the customers unless the feds stage a raid on the place and everyone is somehow inconvenienced by crossfire.

That boss just better hope nobody on the Jury has had this waiter because anyone who has would send the whole lot of 'em to the Chair.


  1. Man, that's too bad. We really like that place. And I hope your BlackBerry survived.

  2. I just wanna say that the past couple of posts make me wanna muddle some blackberries with a margarita in a Salt Rox glass.