Monday, November 16, 2009

Unfriend is "word of the year" - Seriously?

Facebook and Twitter just exploded with the "news" that the The New Oxford American Dictionary just named "unfriend" its new word of the year.

Which is funny.

Because more people use the word defriend than unfriend.

I remember when "locavore" made the list, because I was tired of explaining the definition to people. But I also remember when "Woot" made the list (?) and I didn't know what it meant. I still wouldn't really be comfortable using it in a sentence.

I still use "defriend," as opposed to "unfriend," and I definitely don't consult Mashable for their version of their idea of the 10 wackiest defriending stories (somebody leaves a workplace for a new job and all their coworkers defriend them on facebook? Really?! Scandal!)

I saw a husband defriend his wife when his wife left him for another woman. And then, she "became a fan" of "Rain," so clearly, he was better off without her.

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