Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This Ain't No Saveech, Beech!

I couldn't help but think of Top Chef's Saveech-Beech (Jenn) on this season's Top Chef as I sat down to a four star tasting menu featuring  SaltRox. (The gal who's incapable of pronouncing anything she cooks.)

The first course was rock shrimp ceviche and English Cucumber Capellini tossed with fresh mint vinaigrette served on chilled pink salt: paired with muddled cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno, and tequila shot.

Turns out, I am quite a fan of muddling. Who knew?

Our second course was sugar and salt cured salmon with orange reduction with wilted spinach and fresh mango. paired with fresh muddled limes and oranges served on the rocks with Guava Run and topped with soda. After that, the guy to my right observed jovially, "I think I might have to go to the hospital. I have high blood pressure." When we reassured him this is the LOW sodium Himalayan salt, he asked "am I bleeding from my ears yet?" (He was fine.)

By the third course, we had gotten the hang of the salt blox and the salt shotz which is basically: lick it; and/or Rub It.

Dessert was chocolate peanut butter pie with chocolate ganache and salt rox roasted peanut brittle. Paired with a chocolate covered pretzel shot.

The only flaw any of us could find with the three course meal was that it wasn't a five-course meal. You can now follow @SaltRoxLex on Twitter. (Also available on Facebook.) It's one of my official Ace Favorite Things for the Holiday.

Now, tomorrow, we reconvene and play: guess what's in my stomach?

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