Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TooMuchSexy SamShepard will be on The TV!

Variety reported last week that TooMuchSexy Sam Shepard is coming to The Television!


"Playwright-thesp Sam Shepard has been tapped to star in "Tough Trade," the first original drama pilot set for the fledgling Epix feevee channel. Production on the pilot is set to begin in Nashville on Dec. 3. Show revolves around a sprawling family in the country music biz. Shepard will play the patriarch of the Tucker clan. Pilot was penned for Lionsgate TV by Chris Offutt..."
I got the news from Chris Offutt on Facebook. I watched a whole season of True Blood just because he was working on it (I want no part of the vampire trend). I was thrilled when he moved to Weeds this past season. But this is the BEST NEWS YET.

I don't know what a "feevee" is, and I'm pretty sure I don't even get "Epix" (unless it's part of that ESPN package that I signed up for only because they're bundled with all the FineLiving channels, which I only got to be able to see Dwell Magazine on tv). If it requires a port to be installed in my forehead for viewing, fine by me.

If Epix is going to make shows with Sam Shepard and Chris Offutt, I'll spearhead a campaign that'll have "SaveChuck" blushing with schoolgirl envy. (I've never even seen "Chuck," but I pitched in to help save it, so I figure those folks owe me.)


  1. I believe "feevee" refers to channels to which you have to subscribe, a la the "ESPN and Fine Living" package.

  2. Here's a link to a Variety article on Epix.