Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Reviews Are In: Thumbs Down

I had a good time on the Radio this morning. I got to touch some vinyl. I got to listen to everything from Grandpa Jones ("8 more miles to Louisville") to Pavement to Mexican electronica (which I did not even know was a genre, but liked very much). I heard Jenny Toomey's "Unionbusting," which Mick characterized as a breakup song "told in the language of collective bargaining." (If you google Jenny Toomey, my 20-second twitvid of Mick talking about her will probably pop up. Which is kind of a miracle.)

We played "Blank Generation" and told Richard Hell stories (I only had one and it was pretty short). I think he emceed the "5 under 35" National Book Award celebration Monday night -- but the pics haven't turned up online yet. Even with 437 channels, nobody covers the National Book Awards festivities, and for people who are so into words, they sure do suck at Twitter. (Elitists will argue that verbal purists steer clear of Twitter -- to which I say "bullshit." A 140 character limit is a ruthless editor.) Mick and I both wore our pajamas (and I know the origin of that word is hindi, only because Richard Hell says it is). While we were on-air, between us, we had an iPhone, a BlackBerry, a netbook, and two Macs going through the entire show -- yet we both kinda lamented the fact that our plugged-in generation has resulted in a growing lack of appreciation for the truly arcane. There was a time when knowing something about Richard Hell or Jenny Toomey woulda meant something...but with Google, suddenly everybody's a genius, a Renaissance man.

Because we all have equal access to the democracy of blogs, facebook, twitter, etc. we sometimes lose track of each other in real life. For example, I realized today that what I know of Mick's Burning Man trip in an Airstream this summer, I know almost entirely from Mick's blog -- which is marvelous, but there was a day when we all woulda sat down over some cold beverages in somebody's yard and heard all about it. (Or tequila -- which, it turns out, we both have a new fascination with -- and again, I only know about his new fascination with it, cause I read it on his blog. The only way he would know about mine would be if he read this blog.) I didn't even get around to mentioning this all today in real life...but I'll send out a tweet later, and maybe everybody can facebook it. Then hopefully we can all share a glass of Mick's famous Vampire Santa homemade eggnog -- the exclusive swag I got for being on the show during holiday season -- in person. A friend texted in around 8 and said "my only regret is that this is happening too early for me to have a drink while I'm listening." I immediately texted back a pic of this eggnog I was sipping -- with sprinkles of real-hand grated nutmeg (so technology does have its advantages -- mainly to make him green with envy).

We both complained about how the time change doesn't seem to be giving us an extra hour of morning daylight since it was STILL dark when the show started at 7 am which is just ridiculous. (I think it should be daylight savings time all year. We're not an agrarian society anymore. We don't get up and go to bed with the chickens. We need the extra hour AFTER work. AND now that kids don't have to get home early to get the crops in anymore: send em to school 9 to 5. Why do parents have to make themselves crazy figuring out latchkey childcare issues?)

And for better or for worse, I knew I was having a bad day on the radio mostly because my instantaneous reviews at the Montessori were terrible -- just terrible -- this morning. I believe the exact words from my 11-year-old niece were: "not funny at ALL. She was just TALKING." And I know that, cause her Mom texted them to me from the carpool lane. 

Next time, I'll need better material. 

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