Sunday, November 22, 2009

Behind on NaBlows

I have been pretty religious about the Daily Posting per NaBlows rules, but the Pank's wi-fi access went out yesterday -- when we got it back (thru some seriously hi-tech machinations by JDC), it now just won't load some sites, like blogger -- it times out.

I am crudely fashioning today's post outta some twigs and a margarita-soaked BlackBerry.

It is too bad, because I have some TooMuchSexy SamShepard news to report -- but it'll have to wait til I can post with real links, pics, etc.

I think I am observing the Letter of the NaBlows Law as long as I get a post up.

1 comment:

  1. You blogging from a margarita blackberry is better than many who blog from palacial suites on touch screen pc's. BTW, glad to see the lime encrusted blackberry still functions.