Sunday, November 8, 2009


As we left the wine boutique/bistro last night for dinner, a few of us paused to browse the shelves and Jupiter discovered -- and purchased -- this: ChocoVine.
The proprietor, perhaps sensing what was on the agenda (an impromptu Parking Lot Wine tasting for the remaining half dozen Girls and Gays who'd assembled for dinner and gossip) insisted on bagging it (which Jupiter characterized as "classing it up a bit.")

I didn't taste it, but I did check out the "bouquet" -- and it smelled exactly like a box of chocolate-covered-cherries (my favorite Christmas treat as a kid). I suspect if you chilled it and tossed it in a blender with some ice, it would make a great milkshake for grownups. (And a possible Menu Addition for the next Ambien Slumber Party.)

Billed as a French Cabernet with accents of Holland's dark chocolate, it turns out it's made by DeKuyper, and their site has a fabulous flair for hyperbole: "The right chocolate paired with the perfect wine can create a near-orgasmic experience. But the wrong wine opposite a too-sweet chocolate creates nothing but horror." Not only is ChocoVine a "true match made in heaven" that creates "pure bliss," the pairing of chocolate and wine is even rich in anti-oxidants AND gluten-free. 

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  1. Having tasted the ChocoVine, I attest to the fact that it is ghetto fabulous. Thanks for the fun time!