Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Disco Kroger in the Morning

First Wednesday of the month can only mean one thing (aside from Book Club/Pie Club)...Senior Citizen Day at Kroger.

Wednesday is my grocery day: but Senior Wednesday means in and out before work -- before They Descend. (And then: "Sometimes. They Come Back." ....usually because they forgot something.)

I needn't have worried time would be tight. With all the cooking companions outta the house, no parents visits on the horizon, and a schedule of eating out planned for the next week, I was in and out in minutes, where normally I would've wasted an hour.

Sugar-Free Anything? Blew right on by. I'm not diabetic, that's my parents.
Kroger's sudden outage of Coke Zero Cherry? Color me nonplussed. I'd rather drink battery acid. (They had real Coke. And it was on sale. Life is good.)
Coffee assortment diminished? Who cares? I don't even drink coffee.
The dizzying choices between half and half and cream and whole milk and all that -- not my problem. I'm mildly lactose-intolerant anyway and if I need a dairy fix, I am perfectly capable of just licking a stick of butter.

I spent a third the time, a third the money, and had the whole load lugged home and unpacked in minutes (that can sometimes take half a day and fully involve two refrigerators and cupboards on every floor).

Color me: On Strike.
Don't worry, I stocked up on the butter.

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  1. Good thing I am bringing you pie, wouldn't want you to get rikkets.