Sunday, February 21, 2010

Swearin Off

Did I ever get around to admitting I gave up swearing for Lent?

You won't be seeing much of me. Because everytime I get busted, I have to put a dollar in the tip jar that goes to Woodford Humane at the end of Lent. It might be safer to stay home...And not answer the phone....And not text...or facebook....or blog....or skype....

I am at a $7 dollar deficit so far -- and it could've climbed much higher if I hadn't gotten Scott off the phone fast, just now. He owns a construction/remodeling/design business, and compared to him, I practically breathe sweet cottony daisies of expressiveness.

I had to hang up before he could infect me. And bankrupt me.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at Easter ---I'll be seated in the row of fainting grandmothers. I'll be the Sam Jackson of Sunrise Service: "I am so mother$%#%^ sick of these mother #$^%%..."

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