Monday, February 22, 2010

Scout Mistress

It is with mixed feelings that I greet this year's delivery of Girl Scout Cookies: joy (particularly as a longtime Scout), that my niece probably made about $437,000 for her troop --- combined with reticence, because I am still not back on solid food yet (though yesterday.... I did ... take some Broth, and sent the shawl to the dry cleaners), since this is probably not the test my frail digestive system should be greeted with after a two-week near-fast.

And what I have learned from this ongoing recovery time.... do not EVER "complain" via social media about "accidentally" losing six pounds (ok, it's actually eight, but don't judge me!)

Because I did sense -- for a moment -- that my many girlfriends there were on the verge of turning on me when that came up over the weekend, as I burrowed through the basement looking for my retired Size 2s. It was almost enough to convince me I might want to keep the news about the special Single Gal Golden Ticket Merit Badge (for maintaining the ...childbirth-free status of the ...ol' "pink telephone,") to myself.

But then, I remember, there is nothing that we girls can't overcome when we get together for a spirited rendition of  "Sisters, are doin it for Themselves." (I don't have a merit badge for that... but in all modesty, I did letter in it.)

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