Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Los Colorados

I get to go be on the radio at 7 am tomorrow morning in a special "Heart's edition" Valentine program -- so I've been looking for music appropriate to love and death.(I once had a whole "mix tape" -- back in the days of mix tapes -- of songs that combined love and homicide; we'll probably get to some of those tomorrow.)

Tonight, I'm mostly going through my actual physical archives, plus idly surfing the youtubes I've saved. This is the song that was playing in the car the very first time the Ex brought me home (from the Power Gays' Brunch) --- but, uh, it wasn't this version. It was the Katy Perry. (He always had a top40 station of some sort going. Most of the time if I was in his car it was post-Ambien, which has the unfortunate effect of making me speak English as if it's my second language -- leading me to make late-night statements on the drive home from the office along the lines of, "I like this. This. Your American mainstream music.")

I remember laughing when this song came on that radio on the way home from brunch that day, thinkin' MAN, I sure never woulda picked THIS as "our song"....(you don't get to pick, of course, it's luck of the draw -- I got stuck with "Sunday Bloody Sunday" for a college relationship song). Anyway in retrospect, it wasn't far off. And either way, I think this version might make you smile.

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