Sunday, February 21, 2010

DiscoKroger: MUST you mock me?

No sooner had I hit send on the blog describing proximity to the DiscoKroger as the primary determining factor for every real estate decision I've ever made, than alert FoodGay MichaelJansenMiller submitted this photo.

This traitorous photo. Yeah. Nowwwwww the Disco Kroger has the brown crowder peas that I so desperately needed for New Year's Day Brunch -- nearly two months after I needed them -- because, as everyone from the real South knows, they are the source of all luck that is to be bestowed all year long.

Instead, we had to make do with black-eyed peas... like Animals.

If anybody I spent New Year's with does not get lucky every day of this year, we can all blame the Disco Kroger. (Though at least it looks like they've had the common decency to mark them down.)

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