Friday, February 5, 2010

"Up Close and Personal"

"Up Close and Personal" was the subject line on an email one of my Nameless Friends got yesterday, which contained a Nude Photo.... of his cousin. There's a variety of obvious jokes that could go here, but she sent it to everyone in her rolodex. Her parents. His parents. The Family Clergy. Co-Workers. Bosses. Everybody in her iPhone.

Apparently, she was very identifiable in this photo. I don't know the girl -- or at least, I didn't -- but  may I just say: "Bravo" and "well done." If I looked like that, I would never get dressed, and if I did, it would only be to put on a t-shirt with exactly that image on it. I would then have it printed on a coffee mug and sent to all my boyfriends. My parents tell me I went through a phase when I was about 2 where they just could not keep clothes on me; my idea of compromise was "topless" and I was unduly fond of the phrase "nekkid as a jaybird." Some folks never outgrow that phase, and if they can pull it off, I say "god bless."  This girl also apparently never outgrew her ... toy chest... and again, I say, "godspeed." Personally, I do not feel I am someone who could pull off any recreational device with a kickstand and a shoulder mount, but I am also not one to judge.

What impressed me was how well she covered --- with an immediate followup message saying her email had been HACKED, and that all prior emails were infected with bugs and viruses and malware and H1N1 and should be deleted immmediately. Also, that she was "getting to the bottom of it." (If you saw the photo, you'd know how funny that is.)

I am sure there is a lesson in all this, and what I am thinking is, maybe I need to pare down my BlackBerry contacts? Because there are definitely some things I just do not want my dentist, my banker, my Alumni Association, two local news anchors, and my veterinarian to know about me, in the event of some terrible miscommunication.

Or maybe that isn't the lesson.

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