Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Aidez Tiger Woods à se sauver de sa femme!"

"Aidez Tiger Woods à se sauver de sa femme!" scrolled past me on Twitter today, an apparent re-tweet.

Once in a while, I just follow Twitter down the rabbit hole. That post was from Patrick Dion (presumably pronounced like Celine's last name). And he has a blog: My three years of high school Fronch fail me ("bonjour ma cher soeur" -- pronounced "sewer" by most of my Catholic School classmates in Sister Amabalis's class). But I can read his headlines:

- "Webtivi Mag chez Bob le chef" (Webtivi Magazine at Chef Bob's house?)
- "Papa Razzia" (Paparazzi?)
- (and my favorite) "Les Twitter Snobs" in which he asks: "Pourquoi ces Twitter snobs n'échangent-ils pas avec la communauté?" I don't know!

 The one underneath that says: "Black Friday." No translation necessary apparently.

I especially like the way his "blogue" description says "À propos." What follows on the lower right seems more geared toward Americans, "© Patrick Dion You toucha my stuff, I smasha your face!"

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