Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bacon Jumping the Shark

David Sedaris points out, accurately, that nobody can claim to have "discovered" anything you can find in the phonebook... but still, we all take pride when something we love catches on.... and then we kinda get bitter and resentful when too many people catch on and it "sells out" and goes "mainstream." ...Or is that just me?

(The absolute nadir of that phenomenon, for me, could be summed up by Lyle Lovett marrying Julia Roberts -- and to a lesser degree, when Ryan Adams married Mandy Moore, though I didn't take that as personally).

It's not like bacon was ever obscure, just waiting for a few discerning diners to rescue it from oblivion. But the escalating national obsession somehow renders it (so to speak) just a little less special (if no less delicious).

I know exactly when it jumped the shark for me: I was innocently scanning facebook status updates where someone was narrating their wife's breastfeeding attempts. Yeah, yeah. Of course I support it from a medical, health, and nutritive standpoint. Sure, sure, it's a beautiful thing and all, and nobody should get fired from their fastfood job for it, but in a word, sorry, Ewwww. There are lots of healthy, natural processes I don't happen to want to watch... and it turns out, I'd rather not hear or read about it either.

I realized just how much when he managed to work the words "bacon-flavored" and "booby" and "breastmilk" all into one status update. That's when I knew bacon had crossed the line for me.

So while I still like the idea of  this (recommended by a twitter-friend)  it just isn't the same.

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