Sunday, December 6, 2009

Leave a Message. Or a Txt. Or an email. Or a Tweet. Or an FB. Or a Skype.

I didn't mean to be out of touch during the seven hours I was at Brunch today. (Doesn't every good brunch last seven hours? Of course it does, if it's hosted correctly.)

I thought I was posting TwitPics and yFrogs and FB Mobiles throughout -- like these -- which never showed up (casualty of the Margarita'd BlackBerry, presumably). These are hopelessly old, because I had to wait and post them from the bigscreen, like an ANIMAL.

It is possible I am becoming over-accustomed to immediacy (in that I have asked mah Geek, Jason, to install a port in my neck so that I can just think everything right onto the screen -- and printing press, cause yes, that's also how I roll; I've been trying to get the pressmen to let me dictate directly into it for years). He said No. So far. He didn't say he couldn't do it, only that he wouldn't do it.

Out of deference to my hosts, I did not check my BlackBerry at all during brunch (other than to theoretically post a few photos that never arrived onscreen -- but that's broadcasting, not dialogue). I try not to engage in online conversation during any real-life physical social interaction. It always feels like that's better-dealing the person or people I'm with: "Yes, you guys are fine.... but let's see if I can do better, shall we?" I will check in occasionally -- to see if someone's gotten lost, or needs a ride, etc. but that's about it (and if the group is really large -- as it was Friday, for example -- we have been known to Text and Twitter each other from a southern table, to a northern table). The room I am in? That is the absolute best room in the world to be in. I will not better-deal you (I will just leave if it stops being the best room in the world).

I wasn't the host today, so there was no need for me to check in and provide directions or anything, and I stayed pretty wireless-free. And then I came home.... to 7 facebook messages; 5 texts; 7 BlackBerry emails (that's the private email that no one has);  four Direct Messages on Twitter (but three had just shown up from last night, so they don't count); and even one Skype (which I really only use for mah BFF and mah Sailor, pictured here, on a boat ... cause that's sailor-esque).

The two of them kinda got me hooked on Skype, cause for some reason it just feels like leaving a note in a knothole in the woods or something -- it feels old school to me.

I get invited on "detox" vacations sometimes -- the kind where there's no wi-fi, no blackberry, no twitter, no facebook, etc. I think they have a word for destinations like that. It's called Prison.

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  1. Oh, ACE, I believe they have internet in the slammer. It may even be wireless in those spa-styled incarceration facilities.