Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Wake the Fruit Inside?

I just dropped off the usual birthday supply of Orangina to a fellow addict -- but I would've preferred to stake this out on his front lawn because it is just beyond awesome. He isn't easy to shop for -- I get him a supply every year.

(I am dubious about their slogan "wake the fruit inside," but I agree that it offers "joie de vivre for people around the world." Don't even try that orange-y Pellegrino substitute you'll find at some stores instead of the Orangina -- it's crrrrrap.)

I might not (willingly) celebrate Holidays, but I love birthdays -- and not just my own.  I started getting him Orangina back when it was a hard-to-find treat. I suppose now he could just go buy his own down the street at Fresh Market, but I know he doesn't, so I still get it for him.

My niece always gets me six-packs of baby Cokes in glass bottles on my birthday and at Christmas -- a practice that also started back when they were hard-to-find. (It also started when she was too little to even carry them, so actually it's her Mom that gets credit for this.) Better than that, she leaves them on the deck of depravity for me, so I go outside and it's a fantastic surprise (almost always; one time the surprise was that they froze and busted before I found them).

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  1. Oragnina is, without a doubt, nectar of the gods before mere mortals. That is all.