Friday, December 11, 2009

Top Chef Finale: a look back at Ancient History

I wanted to kick it old school and live-blog the Top Chef finale -- or at least tweet it -- but there are just too many friends in the spoiler zone. I even observe a 24-hour moratorium on facebook just so's not to ruin it for them (although I insisted everyone needed to watch the finale live).

What I wanted most was for saveech-beech Jen and pigboyKevin  not to win -- secondarily, I wanted Bryan to be Top Chef. I wanted CancerGirl to get sent home a little earlier than she was, along with Eli (you can't be TopChef and live with Mommy and Daddy for the free-rent-suck).

Most of all, I wanted to read the  TopChef finale VideoGum summary, which is here.  Also, I think we all just wanted Padma to reveal that the mystery baby-daddy is Tiger Woods... that he finally helped her overcome The Heartbreak of Endometriosis.

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