Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today's Euphemism is JohnWall

I've used the phrase "mah John Wall" in conversation and on facebook and twitter so often people have now officially begun to ask me what it's a euphemism for.

It started last Saturday when I was visiting my folks at their church and the game was on in the kitchen... and things weren't going so well. I said, "Lo. Be not afraid. My John Wall will be back in a few minutes and everything will be all right." (And Lo, it became so.)

After today's game I went to dinner with Linda and posted that we were "catching up on John Wall." Everybody wanted to know what that could've meant? Why were we being so cryptic? What's it stand for? Seriously? We were talking about John Wall. Linda just wants to know how she's going to describe "My New Boyfriend John Wall" to my parents, who sort of misinterpreted the essence of "My John Wall."

He is "my John Wall" the same way Coach is  Oh, That Cal! in my proposed reality tv series of the same name.

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